GSV labs


GSV Labs is a an American company working as a global innovation platform to accelerate startups and invest in VC. It also connects corporations to new technologies, business models, and entrepreneurs. The first startup accelerator initiated by the company is at Stanford University to care for 170 startup companies, where the company attracted more than 200 million dollars during 2016.
The partners of GSV Labs are well-known companies such as Google, Cisco, IBM, Intel, HP, Toyota, Mercedes and Volkswagen. Besides, the company’s investment portfolio includes companies like Facebook, Snapchat, Lyft, Dropbox, Coursera, Spotify and Palantir.
GSV is distinguished from other rival companies by the way it combines four features: working as a startup accelerator, business incubator, co-business field, and talent development environment.
The company also provides companies with the service of innovation lab, which accelerates a project to reach its objectives in 6 weeks instead of months or years through providing convenient resources and expertise.

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