Prokarium is a British biopharmaceutical company that focuses on developing vaccination solutions based on synthetic biology through oral vaccine delivery platform (Vaxon Ella), which stimulates broad protective immune responses and is applicable to a wide range of diseases.
Prokarium’s vision is that all protein vaccines can be delivered orally as well as reducing costs and time to manufacture vaccines, in addition to providing vaccines that can tolerate temperatures up to 40 Celsius degree. The company cares for guaranteeing the production of highly efficient and result-specific medicines. The company is currently initiating a platform for strong vaccines to develop next generation vaccines targeting diseases irresponsive to cures, and this can be an international technological achievement.
Prokarium’s intellectual property record is very strong as some of the company’s products are patented, and there are other successful eight patent requests for products owned by the company.
The company’s staff are equipped with specialized and diversified expertise extending from microbiology and immunology, to mergers and acquisitions in pharmacy and business development.
Prokarium’s headquarters is based in Keele in the UK.