Sol Voltaics


Sol Voltaics is a Swedish company specialized in solar energy through implementing the methodology of Nano materials to improve the efficiency of solar panels. The company cares for advancing the efficiency of energy capture and generation using minuscule amounts of novel Nano. Sol Voltaics concentrates on highly increasing the efficiency of crystalline silicon or thin film solar modules. The outcome is expanding electrical output with low cost, which enables manufacturers to benefit from higher profit margins.
The company’s founder is a member of the Nobel Committee for Physics; in addition, the company has a qualified team and academic and managerial expertise in solar energy and nanowires applications.
Sol Voltaics has a very attractive technology, and the company’s added value allows it to have a big opportunity in the solar energy market. Moreover, the company is supported by big investors with successful achievements in investment.
SolFilm is one of the company’s most important products. It is known for increasing the efficiency of solar panels from 17% to 28%, which raises the production of a total solar system by 57% or lower its space by 36%.

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