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First: Venture Capital Investments RVC invests in venture capital projects to support startup companies with high and promising investment opportunities as regards investment feasibility and the distinct products and services. RVC's choosing of such companies is susceptible to specific and clear assessment criteria and stages, and the point at which invest...

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Riyadh Valley Company will evaluate investment opportunities on the Ventures side of its business based on a clear set of criteria, which include but are not limited to the following: Intellectual property, sound financial reports, market size and growth in KSA and how it fits with the Kingdom’s national strategic priorities, competition, the product and services, business models, etc. To get in touch with the investment department, please scroll down.


Market attractiveness Ability to execute Technology Financials The business itself

Information & Communication Technology

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Renewable energy & Sustainable resources

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Healthcare Investment

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Riyadh Valley Co .. A Quality Shift Towards the Future

In 29.3.2010, a royal decree was issued to found RVC in order to be the investment arm of King Saud University. The purpose of the establishment is to benefit from the infrastructures and the high-quality scientific outcomes attained by the university to boost the tendency towards the knowledge economy in order to support the Saudi Arabia’s future orientation. Among the company’s priorities are motivating the adoption of innovation culture in investment environments, encouraging entrepreneurships and exploiting the tremendous research capabilities available in the Kingdom. The Riyadh Valley Company works in the exploration of investment openings to identify promising venture capital (VC) and strategic capital (SC) projects on both nationwide and worldwide levels. The company also cares for supporting quality enterprises relevant to entrepreneurship due to their key role in enriching national economy, diversifying revenues and increasing the number of startup and medium companies. The company concentrates on the deals of acquisitions, mergers and alliances in addition to holding strategic partnerships with all governmental and private bodies both inside and outside Saudi Arabia.

What we do ?

diversified knowledge-based economy

Our Vision

To be the regional leader in knowledge-based investment and technology....

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Our Mission

A High quality investment organization that adopts the most authentic and latest practices in busine...

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Our Goals

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