The acquisition of O Luxe on one of Riyadh Valley Investment

28 Oct 2017


King Saud University has announced through its investment arm Riyadh Valley Company the acquisition of O Luxe, listed on the Hong Kong Stock market, on the Japanese company Green Lord Motors, one of the companies of Riyadh Valley investment portfolio.

GLM is a Japanese company specialized in the manufacture and production of electric vehicles and the first supplier of technical platforms for other car companies, one of the start-up companies of the Kyoto University of Japan, specializing in the field of clean energy. In addition, the competitive advantage of GLM in the production of power-generating platforms and the design of electric cars.

In the second quarter of 2015, Riyadh Valley Company invested in the second round of “Series B” with investment partners specialized in venture capital investments such as UTEC, Mitsubishi UFJ and others. As well as local investor Such as the Kyoto University Ventures and former Sony Chairman Nobuyuki Idi and others.

This year, the Japanese company GLM has been exiting through the acquisition of O Luxe, which is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Market. The Riyadh Valley Company achieved a positive exit with an investment return of more than five times the invested amount.