Call Tech

Calltech is a Saudi company that works to develop and provide its innovative technical services to the education sector, by creating modern solutions that help to create a safe and convenient educational environment, that is also flexible and dynamic, through which the mindset of organization is reinforced and satisfaction of client is achieved. The company manages, develops and marketing its unique invention “Electronic Calling System in Educational Institutes”.

Products & Services

Parents Call Tech

Enabling parents to call the students through the Calltech app and pick them up in a safe manner without the need to get out of the car

Drivers Call Tech

Approve the drivers immediately after adding them by parents and enable them to call the students through Calltech application and pick them up in a safe manner without the need to get out of the car

School management Call Tech

Enable the school to monitor and manage the call technology and deal with an integrated database of students, parents, drivers, and buses

Students Call Tech

Notify students of the parents, drivers or buses arrival to school by displaying visual and sound notifications on smart screens as soon as they call to ease the alternates and security work

Security Call Tech

Help the securities and facilitate their tasks to maintain the safety of the school and its staff by solving the traditional call problem

Smart Cards

Update attendance and dismisses records and reports as soon as students cross their cards via smart gates, the parents and school will be automatically notified of their attendance, delay and leaving times

Smart Gates

Smart gates in schools to monitor the attendance and dismisses and facilitate the work of security guards and alternates by reading smart cards as soon as the students cross through the gates

Buses Call Tec

A smart devices for the buses to monitor the pick ups and arrivals of students by reading their smart cards