28 August 2023 Initial Public Offering (IPO) of Seculetter “one of Riyadh Valley Company’s investment portfolio companies” on the KOSDAQ stock market in South Korea

Seculetter, a Korean company and “one of Riyadh Valley Company’s investment portfolio companies” specializing in cybersecurity, has successfully announced its listing in the Korean stock market (KOSDAQ) on August 24, 2023.

Seculetter was founded in 2015, and its main products are cybersecurity risk identification solutions for attachments in email messages, servers, and cloud services. These solutions quickly and accurately scan for risks. Additionally, Seculetter’s products can detect and prevent unknown and hidden attacks in stored documents and files accessed through internal networks or the internet.

This success contributes to supporting the purposes of Riyadh Valley Company –the investment arm of King Saud University– to achieve the Saudi Vision 2030 according to a balanced investment strategy focused on leveraging local capabilities and investing locally and internationally in companies in early and growth stages to create financial and strategic returns that will support the future of economic development.