KSU Passport

An integrated pioneering community that connects entrepreneurs affiliated to King Saud University either students, or faculty with experts and international investors, as it enables them to communicate and cooperate with each other and build relationships conveniently, in addition to benefiting from many advantages through their journey in the business world.

KSU Passport An integrated pioneering community

Mentor Matching

University affiliates can view lists of experts and consultants, identify them, choose and book appointments with them easily.

Access to investors

The platform has one of the largest investors databases in the world, with more than 450 investors and investment companies.

Company profiles

Entrepreneurs can create profiles for their companies, and investors, experts and other entrepreneurs can view them and get to know their fellow members.

Events Promotion

The platform presents its members with a calendar of various entrepreneurial events, customized to each member according to location.

Services Provider market

A space in the platform where companies offer their services to entrepreneurs, who also can benefit from 500,000$ worth of credits & discounts.

Entrepreneurial Content

The platform continuously provides content regarding on all topic's entrepreneurship, through diverse media such as videos, articles and blogs.

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