8 June 2023 Riyadh Valley Company is a Strategic Partner for Project Day at the College of Engineering

Riyadh Valley Company was honored to be a Strategic Partner for the Projects Day in the College of Engineering held at King Saud University on 8 June 2023.

The Project Day event included honoring outstanding projects in all the faculty’s fields and presenting graduation projects to students of the faculty of Engineering in the second and third semesters of the academic year 1444H. During the event, awards and certificates of recognition were awarded to students and professors supervising exceptional student projects and activities for the current academic year. The Riyadh Valley Company was honored to be awarded by the College of Engineering as a Strategic Partner for the Projects Day event.

Sponsorship of Projects Day falls within the scope of the Riyadh Valley Company’s objectives, which include the effective development and preparation of university students for employment in the private sector through training and qualification during the academic stage.

The Riyadh Valley Company is the investment arm of King Saud University in the areas of knowledge economy and the university’s strategic projects. In order to contribute effectively to the development of the knowledge economy, through partnership between educational and research institutions and the business community.