11 February 2024 Riyadh Valley Company is a Strategic Partner for the launch ceremony of the College of Arts at King Saud University.

Riyadh Valley Company, the investment arm of King Saud University, was honored to be a strategic partner for the three-day launch of the Art College on February 11-13, 2024.

The College of Arts is one of the emerging colleges at King Saud University, contributing to the realization of Vision 2030 in the Kingdom. The university is keen on establishing and supporting it, placing it among the distinguished colleges. The vision of the launch event for the College of Arts emphasizes academic leadership in the arts, both locally and regionally. It also underscores the commitment to social responsibility and awareness of the importance of community participation and active engagement in various community activities.

The sponsorship of College of Arts event comes from the partnership between Riyadh Valley Company and the scientific community to achieve ongoing cooperation in supporting knowledge-enriching initiatives, which falls within the objectives of Riyadh Valley Company to contribute to providing investment opportunities in scientific research and development for faculty members, attracting competencies from scientists and consultants, also preparing university students to work in the private sector through training and qualification during the academic stage.

Riyadh Valley Company is the investment arm of King Saud University in knowledge economy and strategic university projects, aiming to actively contribute to developing the knowledge economy through partnerships between educational and research institutions and the business community.