21 February 2024 The Riyadh Valley Company Presented a Workshop titled “How to Start Your Own Business”

Riyadh Valley Company -the investment arm of King Saud University- presented a workshop titled “How to start your own business” at the headquarters of Riyadh Valley Company on February 21, 2024.

The workshop was attended by several members of the Cultural and Social Club of Business Administration College at King Saud University.

The workshop focused on how to start your own business. It addressed several themes, including ways of establishing companies, sources of business ideas, elements of business ideas analysis, how to prepare business plans, ways of obtaining investors, and practical application of the workshops’ various topics.

The implementation of the workshop stems from the partnership between the Riyadh Valley Company and the scientific community to achieve permanent cooperation to support initiatives of knowledge enrichment, As this is the Riyadh Valley Company’s purpose to effectively contribute to developing and preparing university students to work in the private sector through training during the academic stage.

Riyadh Valley Company is the investment arm of King Saud University in knowledge economy and strategic university projects, aiming to actively contribute to developing the knowledge economy through partnerships between educational and research institutions and the business community.