28 September 2023 PKG Health “one of Riyadh Valley company’s investment portfolio companies” has launched its products in the Middle East in collaboration with King’s College Hospital

PKG Health -one of Riyadh Valley Company’s investment portfolio companies- has launched its products and operations in partnership with King’s College Hospital in the Middle East, starting from the United Arab Emirates – Dubai on 22 September 2023.

PKG Health has initiated collaboration with King’s College Hospital, introducing its assistive products for patients with tremors in the Middle East and the Gulf Cooperation Council countries. This milestone achievement signifies a unique advancement in the healthcare sector in the region.

PKG Health was established in 2007 and is distinguished by its flagship product, which monitors the condition of tremor patients through advanced technologies and algorithms that analyze patient movement and vital signs using the company’s extensive data. This enables the production of a report that significantly aids physicians in adjusting medication dosages for tremor patients, facilitating treatment and substantially improving their quality of life.

PKG Health’s product is widely used in numerous clinics across the United States, Europe, and Asia. The company continues to expand its presence through partnerships with leading medical technology and pharmaceutical companies, helping to measure the effectiveness of new and advanced treatments for one of the most prevalent movement disorders worldwide.

This success contributes to supporting the purposes of Riyadh Valley Company –the investment arm of King Saud University– to achieve the Saudi Vision 2030 according to a balanced investment strategy focused on leveraging local capabilities and investing locally and internationally in companies in early and growth stages to create financial and strategic returns that will support the future of economic development.