2 November 2023 Riyadh Valley Company commens its investment seminars for the academic year 2024/2023 in collaboration with the colleges of King Saud University

Riyadh Valley Company, the investment arm of King Saud University, has launched a series of investment seminars held in several university colleges during the current academic year 2024/2023.

The investment seminar by Riyadh Valley Company serves as an educational stage that provides investment information in addition to showcasing the company’s accomplishments in its three main activities: venture investments, strategic investments, and enriching the innovation ecosystem. The company has already conducted several seminars in various colleges, including the College of Medicine, College of Applied Medical Sciences, College of Food and Agriculture Sciences, College of Business Administration, and College of Arts. The company will continue its plan to conduct the remaining seminars in the rest of the university’s colleges during this year.

The implementation of these seminars comes as a result of the partnership between Riyadh Valley Company and the academic community to achieve ongoing collaboration in supporting knowledge-enriching initiatives. This aligns with Riyadh Valley Company’s objectives of actively contributing to the development and preparation of university students for the private sector through training and qualification during the academic stage.

Riyadh Valley Company serves as the investment arm of King Saud University in the fields of knowledge economy and strategic university projects, effectively contributing to the development of the knowledge economy through partnerships between educational and research institutions and the business community.