Under His Excellency the Rector of King Saud University Prof. Badran A. Al-Omar, Riyadh Valley Company launches KSU Passport the Virtual Entrepreneurship Platform in collaboration with GSVLabs. KSU Passport launched initiative aims to provide entrepreneurship support services to faculty and students of KSU and aspiring Saudi entrepreneurs. This new technology platform — KSU Passport — includes access to a global entrepreneurship community, venture capital from across the world, Saudi and international mentors and resources to help build a thriving entrepreneurship ecosystem in the Kingdom. This innovative partnership is designed to support the achievement of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, which aims to create a vibrant society in which all citizens can fulfill their dreams, hopes and ambitions to succeed in a thriving economy, and provide a platform for Saudi entrepreneurs to effectively participate in a global innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem.
Entrepreneurs at King Saud University will have access to KSU Passport, the University’s internal entrepreneurship platform which also includes unlimited access to GSV’s global Passport platform, the world’s largest online startup incubator. Developed by GSVlabs in partnership with Riyadh Valley Company, KSU Passport includes a network of Saudi investors, mentors, and programs offered by Monsha’atand other public and private organizations, to build local capabilities, create a vibrant Saudi entrepreneurship ecosystem and help entrepreneurs take their startup from idea to market. In addition, GSV’s global Passport platform will provide Saudi entrepreneurs access to a global community of more than 7,500 entrepreneurs, a network of over 150 mentors, 450 investors, and over $750,000 in discounts and credits from 75 leading technology service providers including AWS, Google Cloud, Salesforce and Stripe.
“Riyadh Valley Company is pleased to launch this initiative with GSVLabs by contributing to empowering KSU employees and students to reach Silicon Valley entrepreneurship community and the world through KSU Passport.” said Riyadh Valley Company CEO Dr. Khalid Al- Saleh. “KSU Passport will connect entrepreneurs and university students with international experts and investors, enabling them to communicate, collaborate and build relationships easily, as well as benefit from many technical and administrative services supported through their journey in the business world..”
KSU Passport is a key investment in human capital and is aimed at capacity building and accelerating startup success in Saudi Arabia. KSU’s collaboration with the world’s most prestigious institutions and organizations is a vital part of developing expertise and local capabilities in the Kingdom, and will enable talented Saudi students to build a thriving economy.
“As emerging technologies transform societies, and digital communities make distances irrelevant, access and connectivity to a global innovation ecosystem are distinct advantages that can set countries on a differentiated and accelerated pathway to progress,” said Dr. Nikhil Sinha, CEO of GSVlabs. “Our partnership with Riyadh Valley Company and King Saud University represents a milestone in GSVlabs’ expansion into the Middle East. “We are fully committed to supporting HRH’s vision of transforming the Kingdom with 21st century tools and technologies, and realizing its unmet potential as a diversified, knowledge and tech economy.
This partnership is GSVlabs’ first international and localized deployment of GSV Passport, powering organizations around the world to manage and grow their entrepreneurial and innovation activity.