RVC has participated in Gitex Dubai, as it is one of the largest tech events on the planet. Gitex reveal reality through Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Wearable tech, Smart Living and Digital Marketing. The event was attended by a large number of visitors more than 140 thousands visitor and more than 4 thousands company were participating in the exhibition area, as well as some of the governments representatives, startup and Venture Capital. RVC’s main focus in the event was to look for opportunities in the ICT, as well as to present RVC as a VC company that invest on ICT ,Health Care and Renewable Energy.

As well as RVC has Allocated a special exhibition booth for the portfolio companies with display screens to view their promotion films, as the purpose was to provide an opportunity for the participated companies to market their products widely. As several companies have participated by their product and technologies, which are:

Calltech Co

Calltech is a Saudi company that works to develop and provide its innovative technical services to the education sector, by creating modern solutions that help to create a safe and convenient educational environment that is also flexible and dynamic, through which the mindset of organization is reinforced, and satisfaction of client is achieved. The company manages, develops and markets its unique invention “Electronic Calling System in Educational Institutes”, whose main purpose is to control and organize the process by which male and female students leave their schools.

Aser co.

Aser is a company that aims to develop and market an electronic device that controls water pumps in buildings, in a way that helps to conserve water and create a safer environment for users and organizations through constant monitoring of water network performance within buildings.

Advanced Dental Technology Co.

ADTC specializing in development of dental products, manufactured, and marketed in Saudi Arabia and abroad, where it have been produced three related dental products

Saudi Smart Electronics co.

A company that aims to develop and manufacture smart meters that are suitable for the local market, and help in measuring the consumption of electricity in homes, and notifying the user of the peak consumption periods. In addition, it is connected to the national electric grid. The company also aims to develop other private projects related to electricity conservation.