RVC announce its participation in round B of investment in SecuLetter, a cybersecurity startup based in South Korea.
SecuLetter plans to use this invest ent to expand and enhance its products, strengthen its R&D, to grow quickly in the Middle East market where the Gartner forecasted its growth, and enter the global security market.
Founded in 2015, SecuLetter’s main products are SLE (SecuLetter Email), a danger response solution that specializes in finding non-executed malignant codes hidden in emails. By analyzing the files of the download link in the email body or attachments, SLE can detect and prevent unknown attacks, and SLF (SecuLetter File Server) which is a network-connected security solution that detects and blocks malignant codes hidden in non-executed files in saved document files or files brought in through the internal networks of public or financial institutions.
“Cybersecurity market is a promising market. It is expected to grow at an annual rate of 12.9% globally and at 14.7% in the middle east.” says Dr. Khalid Al-Saleh, CEO of RVC, ” SecuLetter is characterized by its fast ability in detecting cyberattacks, which are eight times more than the current diagnostic capabilities and more than twice the most prominent solutions used in this market.”
Lim Chasung, SecuLetter’s CEO, said, “We are on the way to becoming a leading cyber security company in Korea through our advanced security technology and continuous creation of a variety of growth opportunities.”
For more information about SecuLetter, please visit the company website: www.seculetter.com