Calltech Co.


Call Tech is a Saudi company that works in the installment and maintenance of communication and information technology equipment (ICT). The company cares for managing, marketing and improving its innovative products that are aimed at providing secured and developed educational environments to consolidate the culture of order, quality and security.
One of the company’s significant products is Electronic Calling System for Educational Facilities. It is a system for controlling and organizing the operations of students daily entry to, and departure from, educational facilities with documentation to facilitate communication between management and parents. The purpose is to maintain order and students’ safety. There is also the Electronic Calling System in School Transportation, which is another product that integrates with the Electronic Call System for Educational Facilities.
The company’s products are used at The college of Applicable Studies, The Preparatory Year and Al Baha University for Girls, in addition to many government and private schools.
All company products are Saudi innovations and industries, and they have received three patents from the Saudi Patent Office.

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